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Earning money and having it is not the same! Careless spending and lack of budgeting skills plague
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22 June 2005

Editor's review

    Use My Budget Keeper to keep track of your spending as well as earnings. With this software you will never go over your spending limit, you will be able to track the amount spent.
    With this program you can see the available funds and finances inside your family and also you can control all incomes. This program will also indicate amount of the incoming money and the source from which it came, so you can control incoming money deposited by each member of the family. Furthermore, this utility lets you totally control all your expenses occurred during a specified time period. The program shows you all information about purchases and payments made by different family members. You can even add some comments for each expense to note the details of the payment, for example Credit card payment or purchase type personal or for entire family. This software lets you add family members or persons who participate in budget forming.
    This program has been created, keeping family members in mind; therefore it has an easy to use interface.

Publisher's description

Earning money and having it is not the same! Careless spending and lack of budgeting skills plague millions of families worldwide. My Budget Keeper will help you budget and track your expenses in order to put you on the path to financial health and stability. The software is compact, brainlessly simple and extraordinary effective.
My Budget Keeper can be used both as a personal expense tracker and family budgeting tool.
The program has four modules - Incomes, Expenses, Persons and Reports.
The Incomes panel shows family finances and available funds. Here, you can indicate sources and amount of the incoming money. The second panel (Expenses) shows all purchases made and payments done by different family members within a specified time period. This panel allows you to make a comment for each expense, like what kind of purchase was made, whether credit card was used and if this expense was "personal" (i.e. intended for this individual) or for the entire family (as in paying utility bills or buying a new air conditioning unit). The Persons panel is used to enter different family members. The last panel, Reports, is the core and the essence of the program.
My Budget Keeper offers four basic reports with graphs available. The Persons report shows who is the biggest spender in your family and who is the thriftiest person. In addition, you can see what portion of family income goes toward family purchases. The Expenses report offers a detailed break through of your spending habits, showing where most of the money goes to. You can also compare your expenses on a month-to-month basis. The other two reports are the Incomes report and the Incomes/Expenses report. Extra options for customizing graphs are available.
My Budget Keeper is noticeably uncomplicated and has a very low learning curve, which makes it perfect for unsophisticated PC users. The software isn't bloated with extraneous unnecessary options and is very reasonably priced.
My Budget Keeper
My Budget Keeper
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I love the program. Use the purchased version. Desperate for a Vista-version upgrade.
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